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Our Products

Americas Teleconsult represents the most modern and advanced communications equipment and software available anywhere in the world. These products include:

Wave7 Optics: Last Mile Link of Ethernet based optical transport products. The LML provides up to 500Mbps symmetrical bandwidth over a Fiber To The Home (FTTH) architecture.

CoaXmedia: Utilizing existing coax cable, CoaXmedia is able to deliver up to 36 Mbps shared over up to 256 users.

TeraSpan Networks: TeraSpan builds a micro-cable which allows installation of up to 72 fiber optic strands very rapidly and with almost no disturbance to the existing pavement surfaces. They do this by inserting the cable(s) into the center of the concrete sidewalk.

Concurrent Computers Corporation: Concurrent is one of the world wide leaders in Video on Demand (VoD) systems.

Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc: CableBridge software is for billing and provisioning triple play networks. A second product, TV Ticket, is a pre-paid card program for cable and direct TV providers.

XPOS: This software is the first comprehensive and integrated management software aimed specifically at telecommunication companies.

InterNap Network Services: InterNap speeds the internet. Through their Private Network Access Points, the InterNap solution optimizes internet traffic bound for their clients’ sites.

Grupo BELL: BELL supplies a Power Line Carrier (PLC) telemetry system. The system can read electrical, gas, and water meters, and transport the information to a centralized accounting program.

Americas Teleconsult actively searches for business opportunities for its customers and clients in order to form an active and reciprocal relationship. With our technologies, capabilities, and experience, Americas Teleconsult plays an important role in bringing economic success to our business partners.

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