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About our Company

Americas Teleconsult SA de CV was established in 1999 in Mexico City by a group of Mexican and ex-patriot telecommunication professionals, who specialized in construction and engineering of communication networks. Most of the team had worked together previously under different banners, and brought to our group profound experience in network design, construction, construction supervision and program management of projects located in Mexico, Asia, Canada and the US, and Europe.

The group today is comprised of a network of businesses and professionals centered here in Mexico City, but with interests in all of the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The formation of the group provides our clients with the best cosulting services available because our overhead is low and we can put the proper resources, and only the proper resources, to the task at hand. We think you will agree that Americas Teleconsult offers the best value available anywhere in the world.

Based upon the needs of our clients to find the best communications equipment at the best value, we represent a stable of new and exciting companies that have brought to the market real solutions to the old problems of high cost network deployments. Network developers of all sizes can choose from a wide range of products that we believe offer new business opportunities that previously were passed over or over looked because of the costs associated with network equipment and construction.

Indeed, a tenet of our group is to provide you, our customer and client, the opportunity to grow your own business and make money. We understand a lot about your business, because some of us were owners and operators of communication companies, too. Our success is, quite literally, measured by the success we can bring to you.

Innovation, experience, dynamic thinking, and the highest level of professionalism are four qualities that we bring to our engagements. These qualities translate directly into the benefits of project delivery and revenue that you can measure in currency.

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